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Today we added our new designs to Zazzle and Spreadshirt, make sure to check them out!

advisorysmall“Breastfeeding is still best for babies up to two years.”By breasts, we mean human breasts. For one, I’m a proud breastfeeding mother,
and I cannot picture myself providing milk for a cow and calve. Well, who does that,
right? If it weren’t for the benefits of breastfeeding, I wouldn’t really stand a minute of the
painful squeezing and the draining production of milk for my sweet little baby. Which
brings us to one important thought to ponder on… if we were not born to provide milk
for cows or calve, what makes us think that we are worthy of the very same privilege?The answer to this is quite disturbing, so I decided to just stop thriving on cow’s milk
and other dairy products no matter how I loved butter before. And yes, a cow’s milk is strictly for calves.So the next time you drink that ounce of milk, ask yourself, “Am I a human or calve?”
notaburgersmallWelcome to the cattle’s world!Well, even though we are usually cattle who stick around, sometimes, we are also graced by the presence
of our dearly beloved cows, bulls, steers and heifers. Raised by what we thought were friendly farmers
(or factory workers as we now believe), we are forced into growing up only to realize that we are in for the kill.After all of those years of loving and taking care of our owners (as they might believe we are owned by them),
we would come to a certain age to suffice that human need. Even though it’s not really a necessity, we are slaughtered
before we know it, only realizing that our children would face the same fate. It’s a harsh world, believe me. It’s harsh
to live in a world where humans think we are born for their burgers, and not to live in peace and equality.I hope you live in peace in happiness!


Your Future Slaughtered Cattle

P.S. By the way, I’m not a burger. I’m created as equally beautiful as you are.

pflanzenfressersmallBeing a vegan is sometimes hard. Not only do you have limited amounts of restaurants to eat at, you also
have to endure the ridicules and jokes of your family and friends who do not understand what your cause
is all about. It is time for you to show these people what being vegan about. Do not be shy to be labelled as
a plant eater! Even if you have limited restaurants to eat at, our shop has

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