One Pack Of Minced Meat Comes From Up To 250 Different Animals!

Big Pig FarmThe German news portal Focus recently released an article about discounter meat. Let me say it`s not nice. Here are the most important facts in English:

  • The average European eats 66Kg of meat every year.
  • One pack of minced meat can contain the meat from up to 250 animals.
  • One package of minced meat from “Aldi Nord” or “Lidl” (those are German discounters) contain the meat of 150 different pigs and 60 different cattle from up to 8 different regions of origin.
  • Many animals are not born in the country of origin.
  • Additional information’s about the origin would come with higher costs of the product.
  • Even meat from small “home made” distributors often origin from big mass butcher`s as they can’t keep up with demand.

The good news:

7.8 Million of the Germans are already living without meat and an additional 900.000 are vegans. All at all that are more than 11%!

Its a good thing that this topic is discussed more and more by the public and that the awareness is rising!




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    • Marius
      Marius says:

      Good Job Tim, I’m already now 3 years vegetarian and 1 year Vegan. Best choices in my life so far!


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