New Tee Design – “When they say they cant live without meat”

all-living-and-shitJust want to let you guys know that we have a new tee design out! You can get it on Zazzle (US and Europe) or Spreadshirt for our German readers.
Please let us know how you like it! Also if you have any suggestions for new designs  just post it in the comments!

Who says t shirts are just a piece of clothing? No, it is more than that! This shirt can also be used to create a statement– a good statement at that. This is the shirt that vegans need to show people that they can live without meat. Tell those omnivores what they can be when they finally let go of their beloved meat dishes and products. Raise the flag for the healthy eating people. So, are you a proud vegan? Then it is time to wear your cause in your shirt and show the world that you are all living and shit!

I’ve get those people several times a week when they realize i am vegan: They come up to me and say something like “What do you have left to eat” or “I coulnd’t live without meat”. Well, NEWS FLASH 10.000.000 people in Germany can! So we made this shirt. Was about time!

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