The Facts You Might Not Know About Veganism

go veganThe increasing number of vegans worldwide is definitely a clear sign that the awareness regarding the benefits of adapting the vegan philosophy is spreading like wildfire. However, while this might be true, there are a still a lot of people who cannot stand the sight of greens on their platter. If you think there’s absolutely no sense in becoming a vegan, think again.


Health and Fitness

  • Burn, Baby Fats, Burn!
    A lot of people may be suffering from a decrease in metabolism especially when they reach a certain age. Nonetheless, vegans are proven to burn calories 16% more than those who consume meat.
  • Protein Sources
    One misconception that people hold about vegans is that they do not receive enough protein in their diet. In fact, all vegans do since a lot of greens are jam-packed with protein.
  • Poison Your Body No More
    80% of the cases of food poisoning are from infected meat. Quite a scary figure, right? Right!
  • Being a Vegan Won’t Break Your Heart
    Not only does veganism increase your metabolism, but it also greatly reduces your chance of suffering from a heart attack.
  • Goodbye, Body Odor!
    Being a vegan doesn’t only make you healthier, but it also gets rid of body odor, making you more sensually and physically appealing.
  • Bid Adieu to Prostate and Colon Cancer
    If there is one long-term ailment you don’t want near your system, it’s cancer. Fortunately for vegans, they have lesser chance of suffering from both prostate and colon cancer.
  • We Were Designed to Eat Plants
    Yes, you read it right. We were genetically designed to be herbivores.
  • Bon Voyage, Gallstones!
    It is scientifically proven that non-meat eaters significantly reduce their risk of developing gallstones.
  • Long Live the Vegans!
    If you want to live long and healthy, being a vegan is your perfect choice. Recent studies attest to the fact that the antioxidants found in plants can help lessen your risk of suffering from chronic illnesses like diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.
  • Green and Low in Calories
    A vegan diet is comprised of lower calories, making you leaner and fitter.
  • You Can Turn the Cancer in Your Blood Off
    According to the longest study about nutrition, the Remarkable Health Benefits of Nutrition by T. Colin Campbell, you can turn off the cancer in your blood by eliminating the consumption of protein from meat.
  • Therefore, Cancer Can be Cured by a Vegan Diet
    You can reverse not only the effects of cancer, but also other chronic diseases, by adapting to a vegan or fruitarian diet.
  • And Oh, Diabetes Too!
    With the help of a balanced diet, you can reverse diabetes in just a month.
  • Detoxify the Right Way
    You are what you eat. If you eat meat, you are incorporating diseases in your body without your knowledge.

Environmental Reasons

  • Less Pork, Less Pollution
    Eating meat makes you a contributor to global warming since the pollution from the meat industry is worse than the pollution from air and land transportation combined.
  • Farmlands are Long Gone
    With the demand for meat escalating day by day, meat products are raised by toxic factories. So if you think the meat you eat on fast food chains are sourced the natural way, think again.
  • False Advertising Has Now Become a Norm
    In the US, it is now legally allowed to false advertise, making the words “organic”, “fresh” and “humane” lose its true essence.
  • Even Your Most Trusted Companies Can’t be Trusted!
    While farmlands are being bought for factories, some of the companies that have established credibility by false advertising their ‘organic’ meat products own the largest pits of blood, urine and feces of animals raised by their very own factories.
  • The Rainforests are Slowly Being Cleared
    Since there’s no room for farmlands and rainforests anymore because of toxic meat factories, what is left for us and the future generation?


  • We Are All Created Equal
    Animals and humans were made to co-exist.
  • Being a Pet Lover is Different from Embracing the Beauty of Animals
    If you can take care of your good old pets, why do you eat animals that were beaten and slaughtered by the people you pay? Yes, whether you admit it or not, you are paying for these people.
  • We Are Not Superior to Animals
    Like us, animals feel pain, joy and suffering. If their indifference is enough to slaughter and eat them, what makes us any superior to them? If anything, we are at a level below them because unlike us, they do not willingly slaughter and eat human beings.
  • Eating Meat Means Murdering Animals
    If it is inhumane to murder people or your most-loved pets, how does it differ from killing innocent animals like beef and pigs?
  • Mercy for Animals
    To cut it short, your mercy for animals should not stop at you taking care of pets; it’s about having the mercy and compassion for all life forms.


  • Feed thy Muscles
    Building and sustaining muscles is much easier with a vegan diet.
  • There is Protein in Every Vegan Food Source
    In fact, the fastest American ninja warrior in the world is vegan.
  • You Can Strengthen Your Immune System
    A well-balanced vegan diet can multiply the cells in your immune system, making you healthier, fitter and stronger.
  • You Do Not Need Commercialized Food Supplements
    Who needs those cans of food supplements when you can eat raw food that is better for your entire body?


  • Grains for Slaughter
    Most of the people in Africa who grow grains are the ones who are prohibited to eat their own produce, primarily because these grains are used for feeding commercialized animals that are raised for slaughter.
  • Let’s Stop World Hunger
    Therefore, by supporting the meat industry, we are indirectly contributing to the imbalanced food distribution.
    While you might say that you have the full freedom to choose the food you eat, you are unknowingly affecting the entire world with the choices you make. If you want to make a difference, choose wisely, choose veganism.

I am sure there are much more excellent vegan facts that even i not know about! So please post them in the comments and make this article huge!

Please note: We are no doctors and this article is not meant to be medical advice.

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