New Tee Design – ARENA

arenaImagine yourself waking up one day realizing that you have 4 legs and a tiny little tail… Imagine yourself being born pink and sexy in a different way… Imagine being a babe… And yes, imagine being an almighty pig! Wouldn’t that be amazing? With that booty-licious body and limitless food on your platter, you can absolutely conquer the world with your incredible charm!

Nonetheless, you wouldn’t want to be born a pig or an animal (even though we basically are animals)    because imagining you being in the shoes (well, in the legs) of a pig means that you need to picture yourself growing in a world where brutality is a norm… a world where you are left with no option but to die for humans who incessantly kill pigs and other animals as if it’s not a form of violence.

Just so you know, a plate is a place for eating, not an arena for killing.



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