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Why Avocados Are Healthy

The famous avocado also known as alligator pear and also goes with the name butter fruit as well. It starts with a greenish yellow flower and grows into green (some varieties are dark purple in color) pear-shaped fruit which deepens its color as it ripens. Its prized flesh is of pale green color as soft […]

New Tee Design – Radom Fact: Water And Suffering

At times, mere stories or words is not enough to convince people about your cause. That’s why you should show people the facts. This t shirt shows a random fact about their favourite meat products and dishes. Let the people know what it takes to produce just 1 kilogram of beef and maybe, just maybe, […]

New Tee Design – The Baby And The Banana

Meat-eating people often make fun of vegans for being weird. Show them who’s the weird one between the two of you by daring them to do this challenge. With the challenge in this shirt, you can certainly make them think twice of making fun of your beliefs and people again. So, who’s not normal now, […]

The Health Benefits of Eating Dried Dates

If you have never heard of dried dates before, then you might be living at a different side of the world. Known as a rich source of nutrients for centuries, dried dates are the favourite of vegans and non-vegans alike. It may be small, but it is absolutely jam-packed with all the nutrients your body […]

New Tee Design – ARENA

Imagine yourself waking up one day realizing that you have 4 legs and a tiny little tail… Imagine yourself being born pink and sexy in a different way… Imagine being a babe… And yes, imagine being an almighty pig! Wouldn’t that be amazing? With that booty-licious body and limitless food on your platter, you can […]

Be Vegan Zombified – Vegan Zombie Tee`s out now!

We’re fast… We’re terrifying… And yes, we live longer! We are the great grain eaters! Made specifically for vegan zombies like us, our newly designed shirts can make you feel proud that you are nothing compared to the hideous creatures that eat pork and different kinds of meat. Let’s make a stand and ditch the […]

Infografic – Go Vegan!

Hey folks, we just released our first infografic: “Go Vegan”. What do you think? We are also looking for new ideas for our next infografic, so if there is a specific vegan topic you are interested in, write it in the comments!

Why the Grand National 2015 is Not So Grand at All

Much has changed about the way people live nowadays. As the world continuously evolves, our perception on morality also becomes affected. The Grand National 2015 may be a big hit especially for people who love the horse racing industry, but it is definitely not pleasant to the eyes of those who have developed empathy for […]